Monday, January 23, 2006

Greetings! Here's some food for thought to start your day with....


What are days for?
Days are where we live.
They come, they wake us
Time and time over.
They are to be happy in:
Where can we live but days?
Ah, solving that question
Brings the priest and the doctor
In their long coats
Running over the fields.

-- Philip Larkin


Bee said...

Days are time you spend,
looking after who you love
Days are the scenario
where our wildest dreams can become true.
Welcome to blogosphere, Ali!

SusNyrop said...

Bonjour Ali!

A beautiful poem to open yuor blog!

yours, Sus

Naeko said...

Hi, Ali!

What a beautiful poem! Nice start!


Berta said...

Ali, it is easy to add pictures when you create new posts. There is a frame with color that you click on and allows you to download from files in your computer. Hello and Picassa appear just when you create your profile photo but you don´t need them for your posts (I found them a bit cumbersome too) Good start. Warmly from Caracas, Berta

fatemeh &bita said...

Hi,Ali !
What a nice poem,It actually influenced on us. Really what days are for?

Atefeh said...

Hello Mr Ali,
beautiful poem to start the day, really nice. In my opinion days are the happy and sad moment of the life of you and me to remember later and think about

Persian girls said...

I really appretiated that poem! That's really beautifull...I believe days bring us miracles we need to find our path to the truth.:)